"Verticale was formed to challenge the heights. Sporting our way to the top of the outdoors we have realized that skillsets combined with effective use of gears can help most people face challenging tasks with ease. Hence a team of us have endeavoured to assist these people."

We offer our knowledge and assistance to any who would like to step into the wilds. Our main outdoor experience is climbing outdoors. Yes, we love to challenge the vertical and that's why we are Verticale. We have climbed and explored most of the places in West Malaysia and are actively seeking (or creating - in the future) more places. Our mission is to provide a variety of innovative outdoor gears and equipment to promote outdoor activity and contribute back to the climbing community in Malaysia.

Outdoor gear needs to be well maintained in order for it to function properly. Ensuring that climbers know this and making sure that they know how to use their purchased gears will also be one of our goals. We hope that this will breed the next generation of climbers who will champion this sport keeping it safe and passing this trait on to future generations.

Harnessing ourselves with 10+ years of experience on moving vertically we have collaborated and learned from many associations and individuals that have helped us tremendously in getting us to where we are now. We appreciate and thank them as well as our strong and passionate communities who have similar goals working with and challenging the vertical.
Industrial Moving On
With regards to developing work at height industries, we have been working closely with technicians to do hands on testing gears that we provide as well as giving tutorials on how to use these equipment. Hereon we are also proud to have added Taz’s LOV3 (Fall Arrest and Descender) to our collection of products which are one of the many new work at heights innovative technology. We are always keeping an eye out for upcoming effective technology and equipment that can help reduce the workload and provide a better safety value for everyday work at height. On a case by case basis we have provided vital inputs to our suppliers on their requirements in realizing their goals and objectives and in so doing allowing us to forward their results to our local industry.

Collaborating with multiple industries we have strong knowledge on most of the challenges faced by work at height industries. We have also working affiliates that help provide key insights to develop and provide the best for most job requirements related to work at heights.
Sports Leading On
Fascination with the sport of climbing has led us higher into areas where we continue to learn and challenge. Climbers are getting stronger and better equipped but what remains the same are the rocks that challenge us continuously. Where areas were once impossible, our knowledge on climbing techniques and our anatomy have allowed us to push higher than before making these areas accessible. Climbing has allowed us to reach out for the sky in our daily attempt to keep looking up and pushing ourselves higher.

One of our primary goals is to grow the climbing community in Malaysia and ensure that personal climbing safety becomes second nature to all Malaysian climbers by knowing how to climb or belay correctly and responsibly as well as knowing how to maintain their climbing gears and equipment during its lifetime. Working on this notion will be our lifelong guideline in pushing Malaysia's climbing scene above and beyond.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Participated as Sponsors
By being in the position of the rock climbing scene we will contribute back to the climbing community whenever possible. We have participated as sponsors in local climbing events like Climb Fest 2012, Kelantan Rock Challenge and Multimedia University BoulderX Competition.
Sponsor Hangers for Bolting
We have provided hangers, bolts and gears as well as invested working hours to create and assist new climbing routes all over Malaysia. We hope this will create more avenues for veteran climbers as well as to encourage indoor climbers to take their sport outdoors.
Sponsor for local expedition
Creating more climbing spots for our local climbers to explore the wondrous beauty of Malaysian's natural landscapes and diverse ecosystems. We have sponsored gears and equipment to prepare the way. One such expedition is Dragon Horn in Pulau Tioman.
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