shoes resole

Shoes Resole service is temporarily suspended until further notice.

Climbing shoes in need of a sole? Let us help you patch it up again. We can help your shoe climb again with a new sole.

Please take photos of your shoe and email it to us or drop by our shop with your damaged shoe so that we can evaluate whether it is possible for us to resole your shoe. We only accept shoes with minor damage at the moment.

We use climbing grade rubber to make sure your previous climbing experience remains the same or as close as possible.


  1. When should I resole my climbing shoes?
    For best results, we recommend when the rubber wears through 80% and while the inside linings are still intact. When the rubber and lining has totally worn out with large holes, we can only repair the rubber. Without the lining supports, the result would not be as good.
  2. Can you resole all types of rock shoes?
    Yes, only rock / wall climbing shoes
  3. My shoes are almost brand new and I've hardly used them at all, why did they wear out? Are they defective?
    All leather / rubber made shoes need special care to be in optimal condition which can be easily worn out if not used for a long time and if stored in extreme conditions or chemicals. Avoid using strong detergents and do not keep your shoes in direct sunlight or under your air-conditioner. Store it in a dry / airy location at normal room temperature.
  4. How do I send them?
    Send to Verticale by post or walk-in, shipping charges are fully bourne by the customer.
  5. How many times can I get my shoes resoled?
    It depends on the overall condition of the shoe, please show us your shoes to get an approximation.
  6. How long does it take to resole?
    We will send them out once every month end. Our esitmates are 7-14 working days from the date of dispatch.
  7. How much is it going to cost?
    Climb X Rubber - RM140/pair for rand and half sole.
    Vibram Rubber - RM170/pair for rand and half sole.
    *Prices above are inclusive of GST.
    Advanced full payment is required.
  8. Do you resole for 1 shoe only?
    No. Sorry we have stopped providing resoling services for one shoe.
  9. What is the thickness of the rubber?
    Both Vibram & Climb X Rubber are 4 mm thick.
  10. Will the fit and size of the shoe change?
    We will try our best to maintain the fitting of the shoe. However, due to the nature of resoling which involves stripping the old rubber, putting a new rand and sole on and shaping the edges, slight changes may occur.
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