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  • venturing beyond the horizon-tale

  • We love the outdoors, we love our planet that's why we keep on exploring parts of the world which have yet to be "civilized". Please take a tour of the pictures posted. Our pictures are only a fraction of what we feel. Find your feet, walk beyond the horizon and make a tale of your own when you feel the oneness with our great mother earth.
Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp, Thailand

Early Jan 2012 / windy

At the end of the year we needed a place to countdown away from all the hustle and bustle of our city life. What better choice than our friend's camp right in the heart of Thailand 2 hours away from Bangkok. This self sustaining camp seeks to be as green can be with solar power and a river nearby.

Ben our friend and person in charge of this campsite has dedicated alot of his time to create a number of challenging sport climbing routes along with his compadres. Joy his lovely wife is full of joy and pours her heart out cooking a variety of dishes with her diligent staff. We always look forward to our dinner after climbing.

Among the activities available around the camp includes sport climbing, slack lining and anything you can think up with dogs, cats and goats running wild. There are two climbing spots available near the campsite. One is across the river and another requiring a hike up a small hill. Both takes around 15 minutes of walking time. In order to get across the river to one of the climbing spots, Ben has set up a flying fox system to cross the river easily. Flying across the river with your legs outstretched is exhilarating. However some of us came back with only 1 slipper. The other climbing spot is located near a bat cave. In the late evening, bats will come flocking out in search of food. It is an amazing sight and experience especially when you're hanging at your climbing route with all the bats flying pass you.

This place is still fresh and may look different every year with new climbing routes. Ben has a great imagination when it comes to upgrading his campsite and setting new routes.

For those who prefer to boulder, there is a famous place for bouldering an hours' drive away. If you are lucky you might pass by some sunflower farms in full bloom. On the way back from bouldering there is a farm selling home made ice-cream. We bought a few buckets and finished it that night itself. It was good especially the vodka lime. There were other exquisite flavours like white wine lychee and Bacardi cherry. We strongly recommend those needing a place away from the city to stay here and experience what life is like surrounded by sounds of the wilderness. The best time to visit this campsite is at year end. There will be strong winds passing through at the end of the year which will make the nights very cooling. This is definitely a place to visit annually.

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