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  • venturing beyond the horizon-tale

  • We love the outdoors, we love our planet that's why we keep on exploring parts of the world which have yet to be "civilized". Please take a tour of the pictures posted. Our pictures are only a fraction of what we feel. Find your feet, walk beyond the horizon and make a tale of your own when you feel the oneness with our great mother earth.
Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

early may 2011 / hot

Our fellow climbing friends introduced this place to us, a place on the West side of Thailand near Pipi Island and Phuket. It is accessible from Krabi and Phuket via ferry or speed boat. We planned this trip together with our Taiwan friends whom we met up earlier in our previous trip to Taiwan. (Another must vist place)

This island hosts many climbing routes for beginners to experts alike. The climbing spot can be accessed by sea or by land. Accessing it by sea is easier than driving through holey uneven ground in a jeep which can be rented from the locals. This island is like a secret level for fellow Krabi climbers.

We climbed Mitt wall on our first day via jeep. It was a very bumpy ride. We made a few wrong turns but the locals were very helpful in pointing us back in the right direction. One of them actually led us a short way on his motorbike. The next day we travelled to Grateful Wall by boat. The wall is next to the sea and requires more precaution on safety. Make sure you double check your knots and system as always and be wary of loose rocks. There is a great view from the climbs here.

The third day was rest and relaxation by island hopping. We rented a boat for the day and our boatman was kind enough to bring us to a quiet beachside where you could feed the fishes in shallow water. Our fingers were itchy that day and we simply had to ask out boatman to stop by some potential climb able rocks. It was supposed to be deep water solo but the tide was receeding and soon it would be shallow water solo so we had to call it a day. On our final day we decided to take a boat back to Mitt wall. The journey was much smoother. However getting back to the boat in low tide was pretty challenging because the ladder was tied about 5 meters away from the ground.

After our climbs we dined with our friends abroad and made new friends with the locals. All the locals are very friendly and helpful in getting us what we want. A memorable place to visit where you can laugh and chat with your friends and fellow climbers all night long.
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