About us

We love the outdoors. Climbing,trekking,hiking,mountaineering and visiting places where mother nature has full reign over its surroundings. How outdoor beauty can astound us it may also bring calamities for those with little knowledge about the rough terrains.

That's where we come in to provide advice and gears to those who dare brave the land beyond their unnatural cubical enclosures.

We are an outdoor retail store bringing you price effective outdoor equipment. Our humble line of products range from climbing gears to basic outdoor items to help you measure your surroundings as well as secure yourself when hanging from rocky outcroppings.

We offer our knowledge and assistance to any who would like to step into the wilds. Our main outdoor experience is climbing outdoors. Yes, we love to challenge the vertical and that's why we are Verticale. We have climbed and explored most of the places in West Malaysia and are actively seeking (or creating - in the future) more places. Our mission is to provide a variety of innovative outdoor gears and equipment to promote outdoor activity and contribute back to the climbing community in Malaysia. Outdoor gear needs to be well maintained in order for it to function properly. Ensuring that buyers know this and making sure that they know how to use their purchased gear will also be one of our goals so that the next generation of climbers will be made more safety conscious and will pass this trait on to future generations to come.

Here's hoping climbers and outdoor activity will go viral beyond social websites in the coming years!
*Update (15 July 2013)
We have just received new stocks and are prepared to supply more climbing equipment and rope course equipment. Besides looking towards the climber's market we also seek to become a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for industrial rope access, work at height and rescue equipment.

We also have in stock kernmantle rope, static and dynamic ropes in spools of 200 metres as well as rope safety equipment. This should benefit adventure parks or similar industries where safety is a high priority. Our fall arrest / work positioning harness, climbing harness, full / half body harness are built by one of Europe's leading brands. Singing Rock products are still made in Europe and every harness or carabiner that comes out is certified for safety.

When climbing outdoors please take care of all your trash and leave nothing behind. Make sure that the place is as clean or cleaner than before. We all need to be aware that without doing so our future generation may not be able to enjoy what our global climbing community has left behind.

Business Hours : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri - 12pm to 8pm / Sat -11am to 6pm / Sun & Public Holiday - off
or +603 6178 4348